My passion is to question the link between sociology and disruptive technologies (e.g. sensor tech, IoT, AR/VR). What are the trends? What are the pros and cons for user and society? How can we use these technologies to create beautiful experiences or to contribute to societal issues?


I envision a future where luxury is about poetic satisfaction. This means in practice that I enjoy to make designs that:

- allow for some freedom of interpretation

- focus on the senses

- engage movement of the whole body

My method is making prototypes in quick iterations. Tools I use are programming (Arduino/Processing), modelling by hand (e.g. woodworking, sewing, scrap modelling), and rapid prototyping (3D printing and laser-cutting). I test and adjust my ideas rapidly in the real world with real people.


I study a master in Industrial Design (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands) with a specialisation in Interaction Design. Furthermore, I am a consultant in design and innovation for SURE Innovation (a consultancy firm for high-tech companies). Managers, coaches and team members describe me as eager to learn and passionate, a straightforward, reliable and open-minded team player, with perseverance and a hands-on attitude.


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hej! how are you?

Interactive dance installation

programming, art, mathematics, kinect,

inviting for whole-body movement

combining mathematics, art and dance


design inspired by tango




sweden, interaction design research,

explorative prototyping, rapid prototyping,

inviting for whole-body movement,  inviting for intimacy

making people dance together


I feel that many qualities are hidden in tango dance. What makes people want to be so close to each other and move together? Why do we perceive tango as a beautiful act? Moreover, how can it be that the interaction between the dancers is so intuitive? I performed a research project, with a final deliverable that makes it irresistible to people to dance together.

 being someone else in virtual reality

human-centered design, sociology, story-telling,

persuasive experiences in human-computer interaction (hci),

increasing gender equality, stimulating empathy

experience sexism from the perspective of the other gender


carpooling with strangers




interactive materiality, product design,

human-centered design, programming,

design for sharing-economy, stimulating social behaviour

carpooling: from social discomfort to social opportunities


Carpooling is an environmentally friendly and highly social trend. To address the barrier of communicating with strangers in a car, I designed Wally – a shape-changing mirror. I observed that people already use their rearview mirror to keep an eye on their kids. This mirror is to have eye-contact with your passenger. When the traffic needs attention, or when someone in the car does not want to have a conversation, the mirror turns to a frosted state.

design for lower back pain

prototyping, screen interface design,

branding / graphic design, design for health

exercising: do you do it? & do you do it right?


human-machine interface design

virtual reality, product design,

human-centered design, cad-modelling,

design for an unfamiliar target group

the perceived complexity of a high-tech agricultural machine


The Diverto-QS100 (a multifunctional agricultural machine) challenged the perceived complexity of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) among its' potential users. My job was to design an explanation of the HMI to convince customers of the current design and to propose a new design for the right-hand armrest with integrated HMI.



SURE Innovation makes the scientific knowledge and new technologies that are developed at the University of Technology Eindhoven available to entrepreneurs. Our clients are mostly SME's with a wide variety of disciplines with an innovation-question. My responsibilities are brainstorm-sessions and projects that are in the early stage of concept development.


Brainstorm sessions are my favourite activity within the job. It gives me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients in a short time: by now I have worked with Burkely (a leather-fashion company), and Oxboard (they make a high-end "hoverboard" (basically a Segway without a pole), this one does not catch fire). Furthermore, I have worked with an entrepreneur who was working on a smart device for blind people and a team of entrepreneurs who were working on improving the storage of silage (cow food), and I recently collaborated with Wayfinder (digital way-finding poles for smart cities).


I am interested in the opportunity to give insights from my knowledge about trends, user and society and design. I aim at providing a thoughtful direction that does not only support economic viability but also supports society and users. As I work in interdisciplinary teams, my goal is not just to have an inspiring conversation with every client, but also to learn from what my colleagues are advising from their point-of-view. For example, I learned more about the new privacy laws, ways to technically realise modular products, and material properties!



designer by day, designer by night! and there is breaks